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Three Key Embedded Infinities in David  Birnbaum’s mark idea – Quest for Potential?.

David Birnbaum of Manhattan is the author of Potentialism Theory (see PotentialiamTheory.com). The centerpiece of the hypothesis is that one dynamic – and one dynamic alone – drives the Cosmic Order. The dynamic is speculated to be Quest for Potential?. Yet, precisely what is the interminability sign alluding to?

Birnbaum realized that his hypothesis would meet with resistance from the foundation scholarly group, and Birnbaum has indicated time and again that he would not like ‘to over-burden’ the doyens of Oxford and Cambridge.

At first glance, no doubt the mark dynamic of Conceptual Theorist David Birnbaum’s

(proposed) center grandiose dynamic has only one boundlessness installed in it. However, does it not have no less than three? On the premise of Birnbaum’s compositions no doubt we, without a doubt, have three:

Forever limitless Quest for Potential

Vastly settled Quest for Potential

Vastly extending forward in time Quest for Potential

Some phrasing:

# The “universe” alludes to everything-everything, supernatural and physical. The “universe” alludes to our own, known post-Big Bang physical universe.

# Q4P is the shorthand documentation for Quest for Potential?. See xQ4P.com. Numerous consoles don’t have a promptly accessible limitlessness sign; hence, for simplicity of correspondence the unendingness sign has been dropped in the shorthand documentation (however many send the interminability sign in the shorthand documentation too, in any occasion).

1) Eternally boundless – following in reverse – Quest for Potential

Material science: Physics can depict the universe back to the Big Bang. Strangely however, material science as we probably am aware it today, may have been ‘re-conceived’ at the Big Bang. Molecule, quantum, Newtonian and relativity material science were most presumably accepted at least ‘re-designed’ amid those first starting minutes.

In this manner, it might be off base to state unyieldingly that material science as we probably am aware it today is fundamentally 100% unceasing; without a doubt, it is a subject of verbal confrontation. Birnbaum’s position is that primordial material science is everlasting and was marshaled by Q4P to touch off the Cosmic Order; per metaphysicist Birnbaum, material science could possibly have transformed after some time.

Potential: Hypothesized Potential is the main really endless and everlasting vast dynamic. It is both leader of the current astronomical request and the related tenets of material science. While the material science of the universe may have developed, the everlastingly limitless interminable beginning has not. Q4P is the “fire” which brought forth all inclusive creation and still represents it today – the universe’s journey to go after its own particular extreme Potential. See ExaminerPurpose.com.

In reality, Quest for Potential? is unceasingly boundless. Consequently, Infinity #1 of the equation.

2) Infinitely settled Quest for Potential

Multi-eras of people: The clear case of settling is grandparent > parent > youngster > grandchild forever (ideally); every one of the possibilities not far off are settled inside the grandparent.

Past people: The enormous dynamic is limitlessly settled. A standout amongst the most fascinating conceptualizations of Potentialism is that Potential must be inescapable all through the universe as well as unendingly settled from the smaller scale to full scale. See TTOE1000.com. Promote Potentialism is characterized in frame by regularly expanding unpredictability. (Birnbaum all the more accurately names this Complexification (see complexfication1000.com).

Moving from the miniaturized scale to large scale, it is clear to see the unquestionable bringing up in many-sided quality at each progression. Particles blend into iotas; these thus mix into atoms and after that mixes; lastly into planets and the stars themselves – which thusly are orchestrated in heavenly bodies and the more prominent systems they are a piece of. The frameworks constantly become bigger and more perplexing.

In this way, vastly implanted possibilities are a key part of Q4P. Thus, Infinity #2.

3) Infinitely extending forward in time Quest for Potential?

Potential itself is additionally innately extending forward to the forward scopes of time. One case would be the individual human. That solitary individual contains all the Potential of what they can be as far as development and many-sided quality. Be that as it may, a man likewise can possibly have kids. Therefore, inside them is their own potential, as well as that of their youngsters and their’s kids endlessly. An endless potential inside an endless potential, settling without end.

Curiously, this “future potential” inside every individual permits Potential its extending impact forward in time. Everything is both what they are and the endless aggregate of what they may some time or another move toward becoming. As Potential, this impact exists no matter what, not simply individuals. Indeed, even tidy exposed to the harsh elements of space can some time or another combine into a star.

The stardust from detonating supernova stars at last blends into that solitary human simply noted in the passage simply above. We see the immediate direction from the Big Bang > stars > people > to their possibly endless line of relatives.

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Further, because of its larger nature, Potential is the most intense drive forming the universe around us. It is interminably settled, in this manner saturating all levels and scales. All the more vitally however, Potential is vastly extending forward in time. This is a key to the genuine energy of Potential.

Mission for Potential? telescopes endlessly forward in time. Thus, Infinity #3.

An unending universe of interminabilities

It can be seen that potential is both unbounded and endlessly implanted in numerous ways. It is the everlastingly interminable endless root. In that capacity, it is the main thing that can be really said to have unquestionably existed before even the universe itself. This additionally makes it the main reasonable impetus to have –somehow in some appearance – made the universe as we probably am aware it.

Potential is the prime mover and alpha and omega of widespread creation. Mission for Infinite Potential endeavors limitlessly forward extending from everlasting inceptions to the most distant compasses of time.


In December 2014 David Birnbaum was asked straightforwardly for what valid reason he didn’t record his idea ?3 (super-superscript. He replied as takes after: “There are, without a doubt, no less than three boundless qualities installed in Quest for Potential – following in reverse, settled, and extending forward; yet we are not exactly beyond any doubt how to include them formal numerical terms; in any occasion, we may at last be amazed by the genuine number of inserted interminabilities; for the record, notwithstanding, on a fundamental level I would have no issue with a super-superscript 3.”